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  • A small business like myself can find great challenges in Marketing and Advertising, not to mention the cost! CustomPriceIt provides a platform for FREE advertising that is unique to my business and will better help me to connect with clients in a strategic and innovative way! I love how I get to choose the offer that best suits my company's needs and what better way to market my business and services!

    Katy Lewis Photography

    Katy Lewis Photography


    Our new puppy brings a whole lot of joy into our lives. That includes a side of playful mess as well! CustomPriceIt allowed me to search for the best pet trainers in my area. Not only did I get to create a personal deal, I was able to include my budget, and compare the businesses. Thank you for making my search experience so much easier.

    Emma K.


    Nothing makes me happier than being able to communicate directly with clients and to make them satisfied with my work. I enjoy creating customized products. Custompriceit allows me to do just that in a unique and easy way by letting me cater to each client's needs in a personal manner. Not to mention all with such a fair approach!


    Olive & Wheat Designs

    Olive & Wheat Designs